Project Management (Design and Co-ordination)

Bull Building Services is proud of its Project Management Teams. They are involved in each and every aspect of all the programmes we undertake. All of their experience, in a wide ranging field of Mechanical/Electrical disciplines, is utilized and focused on surpassing the client’s expectations.
In keeping with our Philosophy, we integrate with your team. Our Designers co-operate with your Architects and Structural Engineers, producing proposals for efficient and effective Mechanical and Electrical Systems. Once approved, our Project Management Team carefully co-ordinate all the relevant information into a comprehensive file which is then used to brief our expert CAD Technicians who in turn then create highly detailed, accurate, working drawings, guaranteeing that every stage of the Installation process is clearly defined with no complications.
Bull Building Services Project Management Teams know that by paying attention to the small, individual, job specific elements, the project will be right first time, on time and on budget.
We are confident in what we offer and have a proven track record of quality and value in all aspects of Mechanical/Electrical design and installation.