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Health & Safety statement

As all other reputable organisations we regard the safety of our operatives and other colleagues related to our works as of paramount importance. We have spent several weeks in compiling our company policy to meet with the statutory authorities and indeed our own stringent guide lines on all aspects of health and safety regulations.
We have appointed a well regarded management company as our supervisors to ensure the operatives within our business are well informed and aware of all the hazards within their working environment.
Our documents are very precise and detailed to cover all aspects of our working habitat and we constantly monitor the ever changing climate of the health and safety at work regulations to ensure when required the relevant information is updated.
A copy of our company health and safety policy is available on request.
Bull Management Services specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical services for new build and refurbishment work in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.
The company has an established policy to ensure the implementation of safe systems of work and management controls to the highest standards.

The established policy arrangements for all work risks ensure essential management controls are in place to protect all employees, associates, consultants and third parties who may be affected by the company's work and undertakings in accordance with all relevant statutory requirements implemented under the Health and Safety at Work etc.

Act 1974; and will include the:
* Provision of a safe and acceptable working environment. All places of work will have safe and established access and egress points and provide clean, well-ventilated, well-lit and adequately heated places of work.
* Provision of suitable and sufficient training to all employees in all aspects of their work.
* Provision of suitably selected, well-maintained and safe work equipment and PPE (personal protective equipment) for their systems of work.
* Implementation of safe working practices and procedures in connection with the use, handling, storage, transport and disposal of articles and substances which may be hazardous to health.
* Provision of appropriate information, instruction, training, supervision and assessment for all staff including new and existing employees to enable them to cope with the management of the health and safety risks associated with their specific role.
* Provision of adequate and hygienic welfare facilities at all places of work.
* Adoption of safe systems of work for the planning and undertaking of all site work in such way so as not to endanger the health, safety or welfare of any employee, contractor or indeed third party members of the public.
* Adoption of policy review procedures with employee consultation to maintain and continually develop the company safety culture.

Our full Health & Safety policy is available upon request