Commercial (Estimation and Procurement)

The Commercial Team at Bull Building Services dovetail perfectly with the Project Management Team. This knowledgeable and highly experienced team deal with all financial matters, from Estimation through to Procurement. The Commercial Team Estimators, liaising with the Project Management Team, will prepare the bid and offer advice regarding the most cost effective and efficient methods and materials. They understand that it is important at the beginning of a project to be clear about what we are offering exactly and the costs associated with it, so Estimation and Procurement practices need to be unambiguous. We undertake Mechanical work up to the value of £1.5 million and Electrical work up to the value of £500,000.
We feel that Integrity is at the heart of all our working relationships and particularly so when dealing with outside suppliers. Our Procurement Team has built an enviable network, locally and nationally, of supply chain partners and sub-contractors in order to ensure our partner/clients get the best components at the most competitive price.
A project cannot be managed correctly unless costs are constantly monitored, therefore the Commercial Team will survey and scrutinize every part of the project’s development at every stage making sure that budgetary goals are met. This, plus the quality of our workmanship, has always guaranteed our customer’s satisfaction and we believe it will continue to do so.
Bull Building Services only supply the best Mechanical/Electrical appliances installed to the highest standards, in keeping with our excellent reputation.